Film3: Filmmaking with Blockchain Technology

The entertainment industry has come a long way since the first moving picture was produced. Today, we live in the era of the internet and the streaming of movies on-demand. But what if we told you that the next iteration of the internet, Web3, is poised to revolutionize the film industry? Introducing Film3, the new… Continue reading Film3: Filmmaking with Blockchain Technology

Democratizing Short Films: A Viable Framework

Indie filmmakers have long struggled to monetize their short films, relying heavily on festival screenings or licensing deals for income. This model can be hit or miss, making it difficult for filmmakers to make a living from their work. However, there may be a solution to the struggles of short film distribution – selling short films directly to viewers. By pricing short films in the $1-4 range and leveraging direct-to-consumer platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or Experia View, indie filmmakers can increase their reach, incentivize more people to support their work, and create a more sustainable income stream.

HOLLYWOOD 101: Downfall of the Film Industry

Since its inception, the film industry has stubbornly stayed true to its business practices adopted after the Paramount vs. United Stats trial in 1948. Beyond the family of creatives, together to produce a unique story, is a refined business model that keeps the same studios during that trial almost 100 years ago in power today. … Continue reading HOLLYWOOD 101: Downfall of the Film Industry