Building your Cube

Experia View NFT Short "Pyops Free" Cube
Experia View NFT Short "Pyops Free" Cube Back

NFT Movie Cube

Each cube is like a digital DVD, containing unique artwork and metadata. By minting your film as an NFT, you’ll benefit from ownership and control over distribution, while audiences can securely purchase, trade, and view your film on-demand.

Cover Art

Film Cover Image

Each image will be placed on a 1080 x 1080 frame. No revision will be made to your submissions. 

Feature Image

Promotional Secondary Image

Once our beta is launched, you’ll have the opportunity to upload additional promotional images for your film. This feature will allow collectors to choose one of your uploaded images to personalize their digital copy of the film.


Film Trailer

An inside glimpse of your film is featured on every cube. 

Production Logo

Verification | Credits

On the final side of the cube, you can display your production logo along with the maximum mint amount. Moreover, you can replace this side with a 3D logo that will be placed in the center of the cube, adding a touch of customization to your NFT.