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Web3 Integration

Experia View is at the forefront of integrating TVOD with blockchain technology. By leveraging the power of Web3, we’re able to offer a range of benefits to our filmmakers and viewers alike. In this section, we’ll explore the advantages of integrating TVOD with blockchain and how it can transform the entertainment industry.


By implementing blockchain technology, TVOD platforms can ensure that content is distributed only to those who have legitimately purchased it, preventing unauthorized access.


Filmmakers can track and trace transactions in real-time, ensuring that they receive their rightful share of the revenue from the distribution of their content.


The decentralization of TVOD platforms ensures that content creators have greater control over their content and how it is distributed. This feature eliminates the need for intermediaries, reducing distribution costs.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts eliminate the need for intermediaries, and this feature can be beneficial to content creators, ensuring they receive their fair share of revenue.

How it Works

Filmmakers can set their own prices, distribution regions, and audience restrictions, with complete control and transparency over their earnings. Additionally, ExperiaView offers a seamless and user-friendly experience for both filmmakers and viewers, with simple onboarding and secure payment processing.

blocto experia view sign up

Create a Wallet

To receive payment from sales, and royalties you will need to attach your wallet address. 

blocto experia view sign up

Submit Film

Provide Film information and marketing materials to best generate your cube NFT and begin minting. 


Our roadmap includes several major milestones, such as expanding our platform to support additional blockchain networks and launching new features to enhance user experience. We are also working on building strategic partnerships to provide more distribution opportunities for our filmmakers. We believe that by staying focused on our roadmap, we will continue to provide a valuable service to our community and help drive the adoption of blockchain technology in the film industry.

Q2 2023

MVP Launch

Filmmakers will be able to distribute their content while collectors can purchase and watch them.

dapper waller experia view

Q4 2023

Dapper Integration

The Dapper integration will bring a new level of convenience to the platform by making payment transactions easier and faster. This integration will also make the platform compatible with popular blockchain-based products such as NBA Topshots and UFC Strike, providing access to over 10 million active wallets.

Q1 2024

BETA Launch

Filmmakers will have access to a dashboard that enables them to manage their content, analyze user behavior, and track the performance of their movies. At the same time, collectors can buy, watch, trade & sell their films. 


Frequently Asked Queries of our Cinematic Market Place

experia view leverages web 3.0 technology to provide a peer-to-peer movie-sharing experience for consumers while also giving filmmakers tools to distribute and profit from their films with minimal sales tax compared to traditional platforms.

experia view integrates royalty payments directly into the platform, allowing filmmakers to retain full ownership of their films and receive profits from each sale.

upload film to the platform and set your desired price. Consumers can then purchase and trade the film through the platform while royalties are automatically paid to the proper parties.

No, there are no additional costs for filmmakers to use experia view beyond the standard minting & transaction fees.

experia view uses blockchain technology to secure and protect filmmakers’ intellectual property, providing a secure and transparent platform for film distribution.

experia view uses the flow blockchain because of its scalability, security, and ability to handle high-throughput transactions required for our platform’s peer-to-peer movie sharing feature, enabling us to bring a new level of security, speed, and efficiency to the media distribution industry.